Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 Megapixel camera phones.....

In today world world mobile phones is the requirement of everyone. Every one has its own view about phones. due to the advancement in technology the phone have become very cheap.
Now you can easily buy a camera phones. If you want good quality pictures from your phone and also that is less expensive, that phone having a 3 mp camera is the best choice..
Here are some of good 3 mp camera phone....


  • Phone is a part of sony cyber seris phones.
  • Comes witha auto focus 3.2 mp camera with a xenon flash.
  • Phone has a 2 inch dsplay
  • Connectivity include USB, wap/gprs, and Bluetooth with A2DP
  • It is a multimedia phone and include a music player and FM.
  • Phone is priced at rs 12800.

  • phone dedicated to music.
  • Enabled with bluetooth and USB connectivity.
  • 3 mp camera with a flash.
  • Slide keys under the display.
  • supports 3G.
  • Large display for video callling.
  • Phone is prices at rs 12500.
3.SAMSUNG D900i --
  • Slim sleek phone.
  • 3 mp camera with a LED flash light.
  • Supoorts bluetooth with A2DP and USB.
  • Music player, FM besides this it also has TV-out.
  • Large diplay.
  • Phone is priced at rs 10200.

  • Slider phone which is not officially launched in india.
  • Enabled with gsm, EDGE technology.
  • Large TFT 2.2 inch screen.
  • A 3.1 mp camera witha xenon flash light and secondary with a VGA.
  • Enabled with USB (mini), Bluetooth with A2DP profile, Infrared.
5. NOKIA N73

  • 3.2 mp camera phone with Carl Zeiss lens.
  • miniSD slot for memory expension.
  • large screen for video calling.
  • secondary camera VGA
  • Enabled with USB, Bluetooth, Infrared.
  • Music player suporrting various formats and FM visual radio.
  • Enabled with GPRS/EDGE/UMTS and 3G
  • Priced at about rs 13000.

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