Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cool Short Cuts!!!

Are you using your pc to much that you feel difficult to use the mouse .
So here are some cool tips for the windows and your browser...

  1. ctrl+dragging mouse-- it will creat copy of the folder
  2. alt+D-- address bar will get highlighted
  3. windows+D--it will show the desktop
  4. ctrl+D--add to bookmarks
  5. ctrl+F--will open the search window in the existing window
  6. window+F-- open search in new window for searching your windows
  7. alt+B-- open the bookmarks
  8. ctrl+H-- will show you your history
  9. window+L--will log out your computer
  10. ctrl+T--open a new tab
  11. window+U-- it will open the window utility manager
  12. ctrl+W--it will close the active tab
This will definitly help in using your keyboard more

Enjoy with these tricks

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