Saturday, May 17, 2008

Refrigerator With TV and FM in-built ..

Last spring, LG unveiled the “world’s first high-definition TV refrigerator,” with a 15-inch LCD screen built into the refrigerator door, as well as an FM radio and weather station. The unit costs $4,000.

Lets have an overview of this great invention.

  • 13.1" LCD TV with remote control, cable ready
  • FM Stereo
  • Stereo sound
  • Energy Star rated refrigerator
  • Ice and water without opening the door
  • Premium performance and organization features inside

LG didn't overlook the refrigerator either. A spacious 25.2 cubic feet (combined) capacity with Energy Star rating, this is a refrigerator you'd want to own even without the built-in TV. Combining innovative storage that squeezes the most out of every square inch of space, and convenience features like water and ice dispenser on the front of the unit, integrated water filter, and electronic temperature controls with 8 sensors, this refrigerator belongs at NASA!

TV Features:

  • 13.1" LCD TV
  • Stereo FM radio with digital tuner display
  • 400:1 contrast ratio
  • 120° viewing angle (left/right) and 90° (up/down)
  • 2 x 1.5 watt stereo speakers
  • Auto level sound
  • On/off timer, sleep timer
  • RF remote control
  • Parental control with V-Chip

LG Refrigerator features:

  • Titanium finish
  • LCD display of temperature, ice & water, child lock, jet freezing, express freezing, filter status indicator and room temperature
  • 16.0 cubic feet refrigerator capacity
  • 9.2 cubic feet freezer capacity
  • 41dB sound level during operation
  • Numerous innovative storage solutions for common refrigerator foods such as canned beverages, milk jugs, frozen pizzas and more.
  • Filtered water and cubed/crushed ice through door
  • OptiChill bin for precise thawing & chilling
  • Tempered glass shelves with spill protection edges
  • Water filter for ice and dispensed water
  • Removable Grab&Go bins for easy serving
  • Jet Freezing drawer for fast freezing

Now the company is preferring to focus on other new tech-related kitchen efforts, including two built-in wall ovens, each with a 7-inch touchscreen control system..!

Everyone eagerly waiting for such a product..Good Luck LG !

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