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The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers - 2008

"The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers"
The Guide is 81 pages long (over 25,000 words) and includes over 137 intelligent and effective job interview answers, 11 closing "power statements" that ask for the job, 43 questions for you to use to uncover the interviewer's hidden needs, 13 desirable behavioral competencies hiring managers look for, how to create and use your own winning S.T.A.R. statements to "package & spin" your work experience, and a special section on Behavioral Interviewing and surviving harsh "stress interviews." Basically everything you need to know to ace your interview and confidently ask for the job.

Newly Revised 2008 Edition.

Bonus #1: How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You

This is a full 3 page article that will make you an expert at decoding deception.
Here are some excerpts:

* His timing of emotional gestures may seem disjointed. Expressions such as happiness or surprise may be only shown around the mouth, instead of the whole face. Watch for him turning his body away from you, or placing items like a stapler or glass of water in front of himself.
* If someone says straight away that he absolutely won't budge, it probably means that HE CAN BE SWAYED. He needs to object completely because he knows he'll cave in if you pressure him.
* A person who is lying will depersonalize his answer and use an abstract assurance like "You know I'm against that sort of thing. That's morally wrong." They will imply an answer, but will not state it directly.
* Remember that in TRUTHFUL statements a fast "yes or no" is followed QUICKLY by a more detailed explanation. A lying person may pause because he needs time to think up an explanation. He may stall by asking you to repeat the question or by answering your question with a question.

Bonus #3: Seven Mental Exercises to Sharpen your Persuasive Mind, Calm your Nerves, and Focus Power:

This section may be the most valuable part of the Guide. It is an extremely helpful 4 page article packed with wisdom. Here are the section titles:

* Solar Plexus Exercise to Focus Power
* Breathing Exercise for Confident Interviewing Success
* Think Positive to Multiply your Income
* Forgiveness Exercise for Money Magnetism
* Self-Image Exercise: Dress for Success without Spending an Arm and a Leg
* Self-Definition Exercise: Write your own book, or others will write it for you
* Added Value Exercise

Bonus #4: Seven Essential Patterns of Behavior for Success:

This is a 2 page article that will motivate you to kick your sales activities into high gear! It includes:

* How to cultivate a ROCK-SOLID VISION of what you want to achieve
* How to translate your vision into specific, tangible goals
* Why you need an action plan of bite-sized daily and weekly tasks
* How to be a team player even if you are a lone-wolf or a renegade at heart
* How you can cultivate the creativity you need to survive
* Why you should make an appointment with yourself for an hour every week to get organized and maintain a professional image
* How to stay honest and motivate yourself to work hard

"Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous." -- Sweating. Butterflies. Shakiness. Tight throat. Fast pulse. These are uncomfortable symptoms that impact your confidence level at a time when confidence is crucial. Controlling these symptoms begins with an understanding of the reasons why you get nervous before a job interview or when you need to have "difficult conversations." This 1,800 word Report teaches you to understand why you get nervous, and offers: "A Quick And Simple 9-Step Exercise You Can Do That Will Calm Your Nerves Every Time." ... A $14.95 value

"57 Clever Questions For Taking Control Of The Conversation And Advancing The Sale Toward The Close." -- I wrote this 14 page resource for my sales guys who tend to get "side-tracked" in meetings. Use these questions to bring the focus of the job interview back to YOUR goals -- like communicating your biggest accomplishments, giving examples from past work experience, etc. Any time you feel that the interview conversation has gone down the "wrong path," try one of these questions. A $19.95 value

"Classic Memory Improvement Books." -- 3 of the best Memory Improvement Books condensed into 2 extra-strength .pdf Guides (over 81 total pages). Learn the "Flash Memorization" technique, plus every other trick and device you could possibly know for developing a perfect memory. Never forget the names of people you meet. Create mental running lists of hundreds of "to do" items without missing a single one. It really works! ... You will remember everything you read, hear, see or need to do -- like returning videos, paying bills, picking up your dry cleaning, etc. A $14.95 value

"Achieve Your Goals 34 Page Workbook." -- This is an AWESOME goal planning tool! I personally recommend that EVERYONE use this Workbook, whether you use it for increasing your sales, or improving your life in general. The easy, "fill in the blanks" format will guide you step-by-step in determining what your heart wants, what you really want out of life, where you want to be in 5 years, and which job is likely to be the best job for you. I very much recommend you spend some time with this Workbook! A $14.95 value

# Format: Guide; 81 pages
# Publisher: 2008 (4th Revision) - Success Patterns LLC™
# ISBN: 146520607
# Average Customer Review: Based on 24 reviews.


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