Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apple iphone in India!!!!!!!!!

Are you fond of iphones??????????Do you lilke playing with it?????????
There are many types of iphone in India But the much awaited iphone i.e Apple iphone is finally arriving in India.. With the increasing craze of iphone in India many company are starting a pre registering of these iphone. AIRTEL & Vodafone has started pre registering for the Apple iphone.

You can pre register for this iphone with vodafone by visiting there site VODAFONE.
You can also register your self through a sms also, just type IPHONE in your phone and sending it to 56789 be the first one to buy this iphone.
Apple iphone is equipped with 3G technology, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and also GSM.
It is Eqipped with a 2 MP digital camera also.
It has got a 3.5 inch screen with a multi-touch display.
It also support features like Microsoft Exchange,Maps with GPS tech.

So be the first to own this 3G iphone from Apple and pre-register with Vodafone.

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