Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Gadgets - Things we’d love to own!

Just what you always wanted! 10 Hot Gadgets we’d love to own!

Pod Tower!

Ipods are fun to share, if you can hook them up to something with enough grunt. Just plug it into ignitek’s iCarrier and let it rip. The three-way speaker system in a sleek tower design features a 45W amplifier and 25w woofer, can be ordered here!

Power to your wrist

Eat your heart out, Dick Tracy! This italian made portable wrist computer weighing 200 grams is designed for professionals on the move. The 2.8 x 2.1 inch touchscreen is 65,000 color TFT, it has 32 MB system ROM-Flash, 64 MB system SDRAM and Bluetooth connectivity.

Oregon scientific medium multi

A remote controlled radio alarm clock with weather station and remote sensors.

Roll-up keyboards

When you’ve finished using it, just roll up the unit. These keyboards feature 104 keys in a standard QWERTY layout, but with a nifty twist of being the most portable keyboard seen to date.

Above Average Clock Radio

The Beasound 3 from Bang & Olufsen is the ultimate clock radio for your bedroom or kitchen. This aluminium beauty combines FM Radio, a clock with alarm and sleep timer, a full range loudspeaker, and a digital music player with support for SD/MMC memory cards.

You’re in charge, R2!

When you’re away from home, the Sputnik Robot can act as your watchdog. It tootles around the house on 18 CM wheels powered by 2 12V DC motors. It has full WiFi (802.11b) wireless, multimedia, sensing and motion capabilities and comes with a wide range of sensor, camera and audio modules. The wireless Internet Connection and customizable software allows you to send commands to Sputnik remotely.

The Frame with changing views

Here’s fun way to display your digital photos without having to print them out. This digital photos, without having to print them out. This digital picture frame displays JPEG images without a computer. You just insert a compatible memory card and your pictures are viewable as thumbnails, or as a slide show. The device also plays MP3 audio.

The go-anyway Segway

The Segway XT acooter is designed for all-terrain use, with special tyres, extended-range lithium-ion batteries and specially tuned software. They also come in different models, to view other models click here.

World’s tiniest DVC

“The slimmest, lightest and most compact digital movie camera in the world” - that’s what Sanyo is claiming for its new ultra-compact VPC-C5. It doubles as pocket-sized 5 megapixel digital camera and full motion MPEG-4 video camera.

Stealth Recording

This leather fanny pack has a pair of built in condenser microphones which you can connect to a digital recorder. Recording quality is said to be amazing and you can hear how it sounds here. How you use it is at your own risk. ;-)

That’s all for this month! Please share your views on these gadgets.

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