Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lets go for a SAFARI......

You might be thinking what im saying or has he got mad ?????
Bit what im saying is go go on a WEB SAFARI

But im talking about Apple's Safari Web browser.

It has a simple interface and is one of the fastest and easiest web browser.
It is completely different from Firefox and I.E. in desighn, bookmarking etc.
It has a completely differnt toolbar and many more features.SOme of the features a re as follow:
  • It has a Tabbed-browser interface , that allows you drag tabs, move them between windows or creat a new window.
  • It has a resizable web search box in toolbar.
  • It also blocks Pop-up ads.
  • History and bookmark search incluind search of content in history ,page expandable text entry box is easy.
  • Built in password management.
  • It also include functionality for subscribing and reading to web feeds.

So Enjoy The SAFARI.....

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