Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alternative for Wordpress and Typepad....

Are you boared with the format of wordpress??
Are you working for a long time on wordpress and wanted a change...

Then here is good news for all..
There is a new launch in the web world SQUARESPACE...
This offers a variety of tools for designing of templates to hosting and data reporting in partnership with Oracle and Peer1 to offer more services to its customers.
Squarespace offers a varity of customization , combining many of the existing models already in use for making a fully functional site.
It also has Pluggable features also that work for all aspect...
And there are as many as 60 templates to chose from ....Coool
And many more features...

With these features i think it will give a great competition to Wordpress and Type pad.....

Enjoy the latest Web publishing Squarespace....

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  1. Squarespace is a paid service, starting at $7/mo, but Squarespace is definitely an alternative worth to consider. I like the layout, the user interface, the features and basically everything about it, BUT you cannot have multiple blogs or multiple domains in one account.

  2. Good post!

    For free hosted solutions you can try or or (of course!)

    If you're interested to know my experience with other blogging platforms (I've tried about 30 of them and still counting) check out


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