Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guruji to offer music......

Do you wate a lot of time on net searching for a perticular song???? Some time you know the name of the artist or name of album but not the song... or vice versa...what you do swate a lot of time!!!

For all the music lover finding your best music has madde easy by has launched a search engine that will cater only music. has made it easy for all the music freaks to find there favorite song on web.You can find all the songs from 1930's to the preasent date. You can also find soongs of various genres also....users can search for a song by the song's lyrics, singers, movie/album, actors and music directors or even a combination of them.
Besid this, they have also categorized the song also.
You can see the song in favorite section, top song section, top singer section or in top album section...

Start downloading your favo rite song from

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