Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Largest LCD Monitor!!!!

Many might be thinking worlds largest LCD must be how much large? Some might think about 54 inch or some might think 60 inch or some way near about this..
But the You will be surprized to know the largest LCD monitor is
108 inch wide..WOW!!! and This huge monitor weights 195 KGs And this huge LCD monitor is launched by SHARP..
The LB 1085 is a Full HD monitor with a super view LCD panel. This monitor has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 400-cd/m2and hence a great picture quality.
The monitor a has a varity of inputs, like HDMI and DV-I onnectors for connecting it witha a wide varity of connectors and devices. It is a fan less design hence less noise and less dust intake from outside.
This LCD mmnitor is available in INDIA at a price of rs 1,10,00,000 only......WOW!!!!


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  2. I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking into upgrading without having to spend too much money.


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