Friday, October 23, 2009


Spyware is software that resides on a computer and sends information to its creator. That information may include surfing habits, system details or, in its most dangerous form, passwords .Spyware comes along with a free software application, such as a game or a supposed productivity booster.
It can also turn your computer into a zombie system, sending spam e-mail messages to your contacts and far beyond. Your system can also be used to store data, such as e-mail lists, personal information or illegal images.
some actions that can help you against spyware:

  • Keep Windows up-to-date by setting up automatic updates in the control panel.
  • Install an anti-virus software package and keep it updated at all times.The most popular brands include NNorton, McAfee
  • Don't download shareware from unknown sources.
  • Install a firewall
  • If a virus alert appears on your screen as you visit a Web site, don't click on it, infact close the window.
  • Never open an e-mail attachment if you're uncertain of its source.

If you will follow these instruction , no virus or spyware, malware, virus, or torjan can affect your PC.It is rightly said PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN TREATMENT.

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