Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get Google on your phone without the internet

Google has launched a new service that is called the Google SMS. Now you must be thinking what it is?
When your on the move, in some unknown place and you need to find some place in that area, and you are new to that place what you do?
The most common answer is ask the people around.
Now you can ask Google for that also. Many will be thinking that how can I ask the Google without the internet activated on my phone?
Well, Google has launched this service called the Google SMS. Now what you can do is ask google the place where i can find it. For this what you need to do is send Google a SMS regarding any thing. and they will send you the related information. It is like yellow pages in your hand.
The number to which you have to send the message is 9773300000.the rates is like sending a local sms. It will send you all the location and phone numbers of the places. With Google SMS no place will be unknown to you.

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