Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazon Kindle 2: The New Gen e-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle 2 is all packed up with longer and sustainable battery life and PDF support as Amazon has announced its third version with all new elegant feature enhancements.

Priced at $189 and $139 for both 3G/WiFi and WiFi-only version

As per our research on Amazon Kindle 2, it has got itself enhanced with 6-inch E Ink Pearl display that provides 50 percent better contrast which is quite suitable for reading pleasure. Albeit, its page loading and turning speed is around 20 percent faster which would definitely be a boon against other companies' products in the market.

Some features:

  • Voice command enabled text-to-speech,
  • New webkit-based browser
  • Much compact in design, with 21 percent smaller and around 15 percent lighter than its predecessor.
  • Battery life upto 10 days with WiFi turned ON, that is twice as long as its previous Kindle version.

Henceforth, the new models are available now in stores and should continue its momentum as one of the most affordable ebook reader devices, competing against its strong rivals such as Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony e-Reader.

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