Sunday, August 8, 2010

GooEdit - Image Editor in Google Chrome

GooEdit an image editor in the browser. Yes you heard it right. With GooEdit extension installed on your Google Chrome Browser, you will have the power to edit an image.
GooEdit has a lot of options in the tool bar. Well you can edit the image and add your effect to the image. Using this tool, you can

1. Rotate, crop, flip the image.
2. Adjust the color, brightness/contrast using this extension.
3. Add or remove noise also.
4. Blur the image.
5. Add effects like grayscale, sepia solarize.
Its very easy to launch this application. Simple take the mouse pointer on the image, press and hold alt and right click on the image to launch the image editor.
To save the image click on the save button (disk icon), the image will be loaded in a new tab, from where you can save the image.[via-Download Squad]

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