Wednesday, August 4, 2010

See All the Saved Password on your Browser

When you enter an email id and password, every browser will ask for saving it, which is by default active in every browser . For your convenience you tend to save the password, so that if you forget your password, the browser may help us log into the site. In browsers like Firefox and Chrome you can easily see all the password that are saved on your browser.

Saved Password On Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser.
2. Click on Tools > Options > Security.
3. Click on Saved Password > Show Password
4.Now you can see all the password that the browser has saved with their login id.

Saved Password On Chrome

>1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
2. Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner of the window > go to Option.
3. Under the Personal Stuff tab go to Passwords > click on Show saved passwords.

4.A window will open showing you all the sites where you have registered your self with your user names. Go to the link and click on show password.

Note: You will given only one prompt, which you have to confirm before you can see the passwords. After confirmation you will be able to see the saved user names and passwords.

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