Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Configure Push Mail with Ovi on Nokia X6, Nokia N8 and Symbian S60v5 Phones

Recently with the launch of the new Nokia N8 and Nokia X6 , the push email feature is still clueless to some end users and with this post I want to familiarize with the configuration of the push mail.

You can get Push mail(configurable upto 10 email accounts) on Ovi store here for free:

Download Push mail


Mail for Exchange

If the end user chooses the Mail for Exchange, then its shows that your mailbox’s Settings menu has three options. In English these are Mailbox, What to sync and When to sync.

Messaging Service

Other than that, for the rest of the email addresses, your mailbox uses the Messaging service.
The Settings menu for the Messaging mailbox has only two options (in English, Synchronization and Account settings). Under the first item (Synchronization) the frequency settings should start with the push option (Soonest) and continue with options for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and henceforth.


For a user using a direct POP/IMAP mailbox. There are three options under Settings (Mailbox settings, Sync content, Sync frequency) and the first options under the Sync frequency list are 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes.

Using the Messaging service, a user can get stupendous benefits which include push notifications at earliest availability with a more efficient data connection to save battery life.If you want to start using the Messaging service to access your account, just delete your current mailbox and set it up again as a new account. Remember to accept the terms and conditions when you set up the account.

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