Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listen to Youtube Songs with Quisple

Many times it happens that you want to listen to a songs that you don't have. You then search it on net, and finds that it is available on Youtube.Now you open Youtube every time you wanna listen to that song.  So how to play that song on desktop?

One way is to launch youtube.com and search for that song listen to it. Here's an alternative to it.
The other way with is more easy and more convenient is Quisple.

 Quisple is a simple on-demand music player that searches YouTube for a given song title and plays it without launching your browser or any other media player. Quisple actually hides the video streaming and plays only the audio, and every song you play with Quisple is linked back to its original on youtube You just have to type the name of the song in the Quisple music player and it automatically streams the corresponding song from Youtube and without actually visiting youtube.

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