Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Play or Share Youtube videos at a certain point

 Many of you play and share various videos on you tube. But can you share a video that start at a particular time or you want to share the most interesting part of the video without wasting any time?
Well now you can share a video that you want people should it from that time onwards. You tube URL support time parameter that let you play any video at any specific time.

For example: if you want the video to start at time 90sec from the beginning, the url may look sosmething like this
Now this has much more easier to do in you tube videos using the contextual menu itself.
Now while watching a video, right click any where on the video and click on copy video url at current time.
The copied URL will contain the time parameter in it, and the video will start from that specified time. [via- Digital Inspiration]

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