Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tagging a Friend in your Facebook Status

Everyone uses Facebook and a feature that everyone still is unaware of is the Status Tagging. In Status tagging, you can link any of you friend on Facebook to your status update. This feature is quite similar to @replies on Twitter and many user would like to learn this way of tagging.

Tagging a Person in Facebook Status

1. Log in to you Facebook account.
2. To tag a person or a fanpage in you status, just use '@' symbol followed by the name of the person or the page.

3. Facebook will auto generate a list based upon what you have typed from your friend list.
4. Select the friend that you want to link in you profile.

Through this you can tag your friend, facebook page or even an event. After selecting the person, event or page that you want to link in your status, it will be shown as a hyperlink in the status. When your friends see your status update, they’ll be able to click on any of those links to find out more. This is potentially a powerful new way to make links between pages, groups and profiles,so go on and start tagging.

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