Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Fight-Apple iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom

The world of tablets is now expanding and so as the fight to be at the top of the world of Tablets. The fight between the leaders Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom. Apple lauched the first tablet last year and has won hearts of many gadgets lover with its simplicity and there is Motorola introducing its first tablet, the Xoom, this year based on the latest version of Android OS Honeycomb.

1. Design
Apple iPad 2 is 0.34 in thickness to that of 0.5 in of the Motorola Xoom. Brushed aluminum casing of the iPad 2 is more appealing than the metallic casing of the Xoom.

2. Screen
The thing that will make a difference is the screen. The Xoom has got a 10.1 in LCD screen with a high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and the iPad 2 has got a 9.7 inch IPS screen with a resolution of  1024 x 768 pixels, The color quality of the Xoom is still not as good as compared to that of iPad 2.Oleophobic coating on the iPad make it easy to clean.

3. Platform
The operating system has a been a point of discussion ever since the ipad has hit the market. The ipad 2 has Apple's iOS and is power by a dual core Apple A5 processor. The Motorola Xoom has the latest version of the Android OS Honeycomb, and is the first tablet to use this OS, and is powered by a dual core NVIDIA’s Tegra2 processor. Both of the gadgets perfoms well and easily execute all the function and task. The point that make the difference is the simplicity in iPad 2 even a child can easily operate it where as the Xoom has complex functionality which a adult will take time to learn.

4. Camera
 The Xoom ha got a upper edge in this segment. The Xoom has got a 5 mP camera to that of 0.7 MP camera in iPad 2. The Xoom picture quality is good more sharp rich color than the ipad 2.The Xoom has the tactical advantage of illuminating the scenery with its dual-LED flash.

 5. Music Player
The music player on the XOOM is tastefully full of eye catching visuals – especially with its 3D like carousel interface.iPad 2 lacks that polarizing presentation that’s found with Cover Flow on the iPhone.

6. Performance
The ipad gave a little better performance than the Xoom in terms of the battery backup.

No doubt these tablet are the most talked about gadget in the market. These gadgets had the toughest competition. between them. Now every thing comes on the pricing of the gadgets. 32GB Motorola XOOM will cost you $799 and the similarly equipped ipad 2 will cost you  $730. Sure it’s more expensive, but the Xooms’s price is justified when they are giving you more features like better camera, HDMI post etc.

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