Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keyboard with 19 dedicated Facebook keys

You must have heard of keyboard with dedicated music keys but with dedicated Facebook keys is sounding so unreal. Well, there is a good news for all the Facebook lovers, now you can get a keyboard with 19 dedicated key on it. S.N.A.K – Social Networks Access Keyboard can be termed as a Facebook Keyboard in true sense, thought this is not from the company. SNAK has 19 Facebook dedicated keys on it(11 on the left hand side and 8 on the right hand side).

List of Hot keys on Keyboard

On Left hand side
Messages – Takes you directly to your Inbox
Notifications – See what’s new on your network
Edit Profile – Quickly access and edit your profile
Events – Find and create events swiftly
Groups – Join new groups or edit existing groups
Friends – View, Edit or Contact a full list of your current friends
Phonebook – Find all of your friends’ phone numbers instantly
Help Center – Facbook’s help center
Account Settings – Quickly access all of your personal account settings
Privacy Settings – Adjust who can view your profile
Home – Takes you directly to www.Facebook.com
On Right hand side
Sleep – Instantly hide Facebook, putting your computer to sleep
Photos – Access a full list of all current photos
Upload Photos – Upload a photo directly with a click of a button
Upload Videos – Upload a video directly with a click of a button
Games – Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafeworld, etc. Play them NOW!
Links – Find all links posted by you and your friends
Ads + Pages – Edit your Ads and Pages for your business or secondary page
Facebook For Developers – Press this button if you are a developer or webmaster

This keyboard can be yours in just $30 & is available at eBay.
 [Source- Gadgetizor]

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