Monday, March 21, 2011

Manage Add-ons on IE9

 With the latest launch of the Microsoft, the IE9, has tried to so some thing new. They have redesigned the interface and a whole lot of new features are added to the IE9. One of the thing is the Add on manger. You can easily manage the addons installed on your browser. It will tell you about some important informations like the load time etc and the usage status , whether it is of use or not.
Mange Addons

1. Open IE9 and click on Tools(ALT+X)
2. Click on Mange Add-ons

3. A window will pop up showing you all the addons.
4. Select the Addon type from the column on left and the corresponding add ons will  be shown on the right.

5. Select the addons and to get more information about that installed addon and take the required action

See how to pin your favorite site to the taskbar for quick access.

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