Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aware Of New Virus -" KAVO " ?

Heyy !! Is your PC troubling you with symptoms listed below ???

  1. When ever you will try to open the drive,instead of opening in the same window it is opening in a new window.

  2. Your folder options also affected , means that your system not showing hidden files even if setting is to show hidden files.

  3. Many programs like winamp , yahoo messenger etc not responding.
Then need to be introduced to a new virus -KAVO.
To confirm the presence of this Mr.KAVO ,click START-->RUN-->type MSCONFIG-->click startup tab. if you find kavo listed in that list ,then kavo's presence is confirmed.

BUT you dont need to worry.Every problem has a solution.To get rid this virus, follow some simple steps....

  1. Go to start->run-->type regedit-->Press CTRL + F . for "kavo" there. Delete the registry containing kavo.
  2. Install two software namely:
  • Reg run- this will help you in deleting your infected registries.(Carefully delete the registries,if you choose deeep scan it) scan 3-4 times with this.

  • Smart Antivirus-this will help in showing your hidden files.

    Hope this helps removing Uncle Kavo from your PC .Have fun throwing him out !!


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