Friday, March 14, 2008

Think Beyond Dual Core -- Intel XEON Processor

Intel's Processors in India are the most trusted processors in India. Intel Dual core processor are very successful in India. Now they have become the first company to launch the firstQquad-core processors. This is especially designed for Multi-processor servers. Xeon 7300 series processors can deliver more than twice the performance over their dual-core predecessors.
  • Intel Xeon processor has a frequencies up to 2.93GHz at 130 watts
  • The Intel 7300 chipset with Data Traffic Optimizations enhance data movement between processors, memory and I/O connections.
  • The Intel Xeon series provides high memory capacity as compared to there other Multi-processor servers. The memory is as high as four times that of their older processors.
  • This series, servers demonstrate outstanding virtualization capability. Xeon 7300 series deliver up to 167 percent performance improvement compared to previous generation Intel processors.
  • Most important thing besides this is that many software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle etc. are supporting Xeon 7300 based platforms.

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