Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AtomKeep Your Social Network....

When you join a new social network you need to fill in the social information in your profile. Sometimes what happens, you need to look to your other account what have you filled in the profile. That leads to a lot of time wastage and you fill in the same old information int the new account also.
There is a new site which is out to save a lot of your precious time. ATOMKEEP manages and syncs the user information on more than 23 social networking sites which include Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Blogger and many more sites.

You can set user profile to default setting and that makes it very easy for you to fill in the profile information.
When you fill in the information for your digg profile you don't need to navigate to your old twitter account. wow that's great ...
What more great is that it also store your password on site....
Enjoy Atomkeep....

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