Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Snooze and Send Emails...Control Your Life

Do you forget to send a Email to youyr friend or some one important? Are you too much busy that you forget to send some important information to someone important? If your friend has asked you to send him/her a msg after a week or some other time what you will do that time?
Most of the reader must have forgot to send hom/her an email even i would have also forget it...
Well there is a soluton to this, RESNOOZE

This is a new site on web, that allows to send timed emails remainders to yyourself and your friends.
You can select a text msg or URL to emaol you or your friend . Whats greart is that you can also select the frequency of the Email i.e. You can send it-daily, weekly or even monthly....that great
Enjoy resnoozing..

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