Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shortcut 2 ShutDown ? Is It Possible ?

Normally it takes a hell lot of time just Shutting down Windows, you have to move your mouse to the Start Button, click on it, move it again over Shut Down, click, then move it over the necessary option and click, then move the cursor over the OK button and once again (you guessed it) click.This whole process can be shortened by creating shortcuts on the Desktop which will shut down Windows at the click of a button.

Start by creating a new shortcut( right click and select New> Shortcut).
Right click on shortcut--> properties.
When prompted to fill in ‘Type the location of the item‘, enter ‘shutdown -s -t 00‘ . Click Next and enter a name for the shortcut.
Apply a proper icon to it(hope it need not to be told how to do !) . You can now shutdown Windows through the shortcut. The -t flag lets you set the time lapse in seconds.

Changing the ‘-s‘ to ‘-r‘ will cause the shortcut to restart Windows instead of shutting down.

So ,buddy what r u waiting for ? Make your shortcut now and Enjoy !

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