Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rename the Administrator account

Renaming the administrator account in Window 7 is a very easy. If you want that your name should be displayed on the screen when you logg on to your PC then you would have to follow some really easy steps to do so and rename the built-in Administrator account name to a name you like instead to be displayed in the log on screen and Start menu in Windows 7. You can have better security by not using the same default name as everyone else to log in with.
follow these easy steps:

1. Click on start menu and go to control panel.
2. Go to User Account and family safety option.

3. Under User Account click on Add or Remove an User Account.

4.There you will see three Icons, the Administrator Icon, User Icon and Guest Icon.

5. Click on Administrator Icon.
6. When you click on the Icon, it will show a window which will show the various options for the account.
Now click on the Rename option and now change the name to the desired name.

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