Saturday, January 23, 2010

Samsung C9000 LED TV with Wi-Fi Remote

Debuted at 2010 CES, the Samsung C9000 LED Tv, could impress anyone: a brilliant, paper-thin display housed in brushed aluminum. Making the television all the more tempting is a Wi-Fi-based LCD remote that allows you to view content from various video sources. The remote includes a touchscreen interface (see the picture from the gallery below) with haptic feedback and connects tothe television via your home Wi-Fi network.

The Samsung C9000 LED Tv uses 240 Hz technology and is capable of upconverting 2D to 3D. It keeps its dimensions micro-slim by housing much of the electronics in the base–a base that doubles as a wall mount. No pricing or availability info was released for the Samsung C9000, which is expected in 46- and 55-inch varieties.

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