Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Free phone memory in N73 ?

Sometimes,your phone N73 may show phone memory full,even when you dont have any images,videos or text in phone memory.You can check your memory status Gallery-->options-->memory status.

We have two solutions for this problem :
1)Just Install Y Browser
Open C/Data/Lifeblog/Database --- In this Folder u will find that file (Lifeblog.db).. Try Deleting It Normally and it says The FIle is in Use..
Now Go Back..
Just Rename That Database Folder.
Select Database-->Options-->File-->Rename
Just give it any name..

Here U r Done..!! Now u can go inside that folder and delete that crappy file Lifeblog.db!

2) Your cell may not even support installing Y-Browser due to insufficient memory space. Now simply follow these steps:
1.Change ur message memory frm Phone memory to Memory card.
2.Then Remove ur Memory card.
B4 removing copy ur phone memory images n ur imp data into memory card..
3.Go in Lifeblog application and open it.
4.Press Right Nevigation key n select mark all
5.Then Delet all files...(it will take time)
6.Hence it wil make ur Phone Memory Free..
7.Now restart ur Cell
8.On ur Cell n insert memory card in it
9.Chk the status of Phone memory..
10.It wil b free

These both solutions are tested and works fine.I have tested on my N73 several times.

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