Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Create, collaborate and share Google bookmarks with friends

Google Bookmarks has recently flamed up an exciting new feature through which we can create a list of bookmarks, share it with our friends and users in google. All you need is a Google account and bunch of bookmarks to share.

Create and share Google Bookmarks

1. Open Google Bookmarks page and sign-in to view your bookmarks.

2. Click on Create list on left panel to create a list of bookmarks.
3. Now give the name of list and brief description about the list and click on Create list.

4. Now add the bookmarks of websites you want to share with friends and click on Share button on top right.

5. Enter the email address of friends and click on Invite to share bookmarks.

Hence you can have a list of Bookmarks of your favorite websites to share with your friend which use Google account. You can create lists according to the content of websites and do many things with Google Bookmarks such as keeping them Private or Public.

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