Friday, July 23, 2010

Type the Rupee Symbol from your Keyboard

Rupee has finally got its symbol, just like the Dollar Pound and Yen. We can type the Rupee symbol from the keyboard, though it will take some time to get it on keyboard layout.  You can easily install this font, start typing the Rupee symbol using the normal keyboard.

Type Rupee Symbol

1.Download Rupee Foradian Font.
2.Go to Control Panel > Appearance and SettingFonts.
3. Copy and Paste the Rupee fant file in the Fonts Folder. The windows will install the font.

Fig: Type the Rupee Symbol Using normal keyboard.
4 Open Notepad and select the Rupee Foradian font and type the Rupee symbol using  ~ key

Use the Rupee symbol on Word, Notepad, using the ~ key.
NOTE: If you are sending a doc that has a Rupee symbol, make sure that the font is installed on other PC as well.

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