Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to add Watermark to image in Photoshop

Many times when you upload a image on your blog or email to a friend, that image is copied by many to put it on there sites. Some may use that photo for there use. There are many ways to protect images, watermarking is probably the most effective.
Add Watermark using Photoshop

1. Open Photoshop. Go to File > New , to open a new canvas.
2. Click on File >;Open . Select the image to which you want to add a watermark. You can also drag and drop the images to the photoshop window.
3. Similary open the watermark image also.
4. Copy the watermark image by pressing cntr+ C and paste it on the main image, by pressing cntr+ V 

Fig: Watermarking Image Procedure
5. Click the watermark image layer from the toolbar on the right hand side. Click on the opacity and change it according to your need using the slider.
6. Adjust the size of the watermark logo and paste it to a desired position on the image.

That all , now your image is protected. Now who so ever uses your image you will easily recognise your image.

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