Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unique way to identify the Route of a Website

You must have been visiting plenty of websites on your PC. But have you ever wondered about the website you surf that which all routes does it take starting from the domain to your PC? The technique is quite simple and it lets you know about the various paths that a website switches going from one server to the other.

The Technique:

1. Goto Start > Run > Command Prompt. This will open the Command prompt.

2. Type in the command specified in the image followed by a space then the domain name eg

3. Initially it specifies that it's tracing the route to, tells you the IP address of its domain and what the maximum number of hops will be before it times out.

4. Next it gives information about each router it passes through on the way to its destination.
  • 1 is the Internet gateway on the network.
  • 2 is the next router connected in the network
  • 3 is the ISP the origin computer is connected to(
  • 4 is the next router connected in the network
  • 5 is the address of a telecom supplier in the USA
  • 6-8 are the addresses of an ISP in the Los Angeles area
  • 9 is the computer is hosted on.
Important: This is helpful in finding out whether a website is reachable or unreachable, as we will be able to see where the connection fails.

For Apple MacOS users:

1. Open Network Utility, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
2. Click on Trace route.
3. Type the domain name or IP address of the final destination and click the Trace button.

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