Saturday, August 7, 2010

Olive Pad - 3G Android tablet

After the launch of Apple's iPad, many companies are trying to launch their own tablet and internet access devices. Apple being costly, and not every one can afford it. So here is a good news for all the tech lovers to be happy about. Apart from Apple , Dell models they have a new option Olive Pad.

Well this is Expected to be in the range of Rs 20000 to Rs 25000. 

Olive Telecom, has unveiled 3G tablet called the Olive Pad. This is India's first 3G enabled tablet running on Android platform. For those who want access internet any where and every  where, Olive Pad is going to make Internet access easier. Loaded with a lot of features including Wi-Fi and Blue tooth for fast data transfer.This device is equipped with 2 cameras.
The most important information that every one is interested is about the pricing of Olive Pad.

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