Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to use VLC as Screen Recording Tool

 VLC media player is such a tool for media option that plays almost every file that you open on it. Not only it plays videos , it can also record videos. You can easily use VLC media player as a screen recording tool. There are many software on the internet that can do such kind of job, but you can use it if you need a quick recording.

Use VLC As Screen Recording Tool
1. Open VLC player.
2. Click on View > Advance Controls.

3. Click on Media > Open Capture devices, to open the setting page.

4. Under the Capture device tab, select Desktop from the drop down menu in from of capture mode.

5. Select the desired frame rate for capturing video and click on Play.

Now will player will start showing your desktop screen, but do make sure that your VLC player is not maximized other wise you will just see  infinite screen on your VLC screen.

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