Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Manage Add-ons on Firefox 4

aa With the Mozilla Firefox 4, a lot of  changes have been made from the older version of the Firefox.With Firefox 4 you can now mange the Addons on Mozilla more easily. You can get new addons , extensions, plugins and set the appearance of your Firefox 4. You can easily enable, disable or remove the addon from your browser in a single click.

Manage Add-ons on Firefox 4
1. Open Firefox browser
2. Click on Firefox button > Add-ons.

3. A window will pop up. Click on Extensions.
4. All the addons that are currently installed on your Firefox 4 will be shown in the right hand pane. You can click enable/diable or remove on the addon as per your requirement.

You can even install new add-ons on Firefox. click on Get Add-ons and it will show you all the latest add-ons for you browser and you can select any one as per your needs.

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