Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remove Cookies of Site Manually in Google Chrome

A cookie is a piece of is a piece of text  information that a web browser stores on your PC. A cookie can be used for authentication, storing site preferences etc. When you open a particular website you username is entered automatically. You can easily remove the cookies of all the website. But what if i want to remove the cookies of some selected site. Google Chrome has the option to delete the cookies of selected sites.

Remove Cookies of Selected Sites
1. Open Google Chrome > Tools > Options.

2. Under the Under the Hood Section Click on Content Setting in Privacy section.

3. Another menu will pop up. Click on All Cookies and Sites Data under the cookies section.

4. Another menu will pop up showing you all the data and cookies of the site stored on your browser. Click on the site to open the cookies of the site.

5. Click on Remove to delete the desired cookie or you can select the entire site and click on Remove to delete all the cookies of a site.

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