Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch online live The Royal Wedding

 The Royal Wedding of Britain's Price William and Miss Catherine Middleton will take place on Friday,29th April 2011. Every one around the world is exited and want to be at the Royal Wedding , the invite list for the wedding is small and the Royal family cannot fit in everyone for the wedding. But still you can enjoy the Wedding as Youtube is going to live stream the video of the wedding.

Watch Royal Wedding
1. Open the official channel Youtube will live stream the video of the Royal Wedding. The live streaming will being at 10:00a BST (9:00a GMT, 2:00a PT, 5:00a ET) on Friday, April 29 2011.

2. You can also see the procession map and can see the entire route or the procession.

3. Also present at the official channel is the Wedding book.

5. You can also upload you own video to this channel in the wedding book section to congratulate the couple.
Get more information about the royal wedding at the official site of the Royal Wedding.

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