Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook Live Video Channel: Have a first look

Facebook, which is widely popular as a social networking website is now paving its way into live streaming video with its own new application called Facebook Live.

Albeit, except services like Ustream and Livestream that offer live video features for Facebook Pages, Facebook Live is more of a channel dedicated to what's cooking inside the social networking company.

As per the company statement, Facebook Live is aiming “to be your window into what’s new at Facebook (Facebook)”.

This application can be embedded and has an integrated chat that broadcasts out to the News Feed.  We may be able to see notifications in the News Feed if a celebrity halts at the company’s HQ. :-)
However, this is a great step forward in promoting the website way ahead among the other social live streaming websites and a platform for Livestream, which has been chosen as the official live video partner for this application. Cool, Isn't it?

Source: Mashable

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